Domain Lookup

What is a DNS Lookup tool?

A DNS lookup tool is used when you want to know a website's IP address using its Domain name.

The tool queries different DNS servers with the Domain name you provide and the tool then outputs the associated IP address for the user.

What are DNS records?

The lookup tool provides users with the option to select certain “DNS records” for a more precise search. But what are DNS records?

A DNS record (also known as a Zone file), is a data file that contains instructions on how to handle Domain requests.

These files are generally housed in the authoritative DNS servers and are instructed to provide information whether the IP is IPv4 or IPv6, and how to handle DNS requests afterwards.

A few examples of DNS records would be A record, AAAA record, TXT record, MX record, CNAME record etc.

Types of DNS records you may encounter

A record

A record is used to match an existing IPv4 address with its registered Domain name. When a user searches up a Domain name the A records point to its corresponding IPv4 address.

AAAA record

Similar to A records in the sense they point a Domain name to its IP address. However the major difference is that instead of IPv4, AAAA records are used for IPv6 addresses.

CNAME record

CNAME or Canonical Name records are used to associate other domains or subdomains to the main web domain. This way they can be affiliated with that main website and receive traffic from it.

MX record

MX otherwise known as Mail Exchange records are designed and are solely responsible for guide mail to its proper mail exchange servers. They are also used vice-versa, guide mail from the servers to its end user destination.

NS record

NS or Name Server records are the main authoritative DNS servers when it comes to any requests or queries related to any specific domain. They also hold authority on managing and publishing any other DNS records for that domain.

TXT record

TXT, which stands for Text, are used by the domain admins or owners to assign any random text to their website. This text can be anything from contact information, code to information regarding the website.

PTR record

PTR or pointer records point an IP address back to its Domain or hosting. They are sometimes also called reverse DNS due this purpose of theirs.

CAA record

CAA or Certificate of Authority Authorization are used to signify whether your domain is open for issuance of a SSL by any certificate authority or not. They can be used to manage which SSL is issued for your Domain and by what authority.

SOA record

Start of Authority records also known as SOA records are used to store, house and display critical information such as the authoritative name server and email of the Domain admin.

Why Lookup DNS records?

There are multitudes of reasons for looking up and checking DNS records, from updating your DNS records to setting up a new website

Starting a new website

Considered a vital step if you wish to manage and build your own website. Protocols such as setting up your own PTR , SOA and your NS lookup DNS details can take time and if you are an amateur there can be mistakes made as well.

It is therefore a good idea to check the progress and ensure all DNS are configured as should be by using the DNS Lookup tool.

Updating DNS records

As the name suggests, when updating existing DNS records, rules and protocols ,mistakes can occur. The DNS Lookup tool provides us a standalone view of how things would look like to a stranger.

The tool in question can also be used to gauge the progress of the update itself, whether all of the DNS records have been updated or not.


Mistakes are very common when working on a website. Issues regarding DNS can at times be difficult to figure out. The lookup tool comes in handy in this case, letting us step back and inspect what the issue is regarding each type of DNS record.