About Us

A team of developers, system admins, and network experts are behind dnssouls.com. They try to develop software composed of various tools specially designed for web hosting companies to solve all hosting-related issues. All these tools are free of cost and easy to use. They cater for approximately four types of issues listed as below:-

  1. DNS issues
  2. Ip issues
  3. email issues
  4. network issues

DNS Issues

In DNS issues you can find name servers and their IP, A record, Cname, SOA, SPF, MX, NS, PTR, DNS key, and Dkim lookup

Ip Issues

Ip issues deal with PTR record, Blacklisted IP, Ip location, and IP whois

Email Issues

nowadays mostly emails are going to the spam folder, Here you find reasons and you can solve the issue related to email issues

Network Issues

In-network issues, you can ping from different locations and also traceroutes from different locations

In the future, we will add more tools to solve different issues that are not being addressed at the moment. Therefore, we request all stakeholders to help us to improve our software and welcome all concerned to send any suggestion for further improvement